Tuesday, October 26, 2010

another halloween treat recipe!

hey everyone! I have one more Halloween treat for ya! This has to be the one recipe I'm looking forward to the most..not only making and tasting them..but seeing the kids' reaction to eating eyeballs! haha..I had these in 2nd grade and was so grossed out by them!=) Ah the fun of bein a kid...so here it is..

Lychee Eyeballs

1 can lychees (find them in the asian food aisle)

to fill them you can use blueberries,cranberries or maraschino cherries..whichever you prefer..

all you do is pop the fruit inside the lychee then put them on a platter=) you can use little

hors d' oeuvre swords or tooth picks to pick them up=) you can also stab a straw through them for a spooky addition to your drinks!=)

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