Wednesday, October 27, 2010


well today was a pretty good day, we finally got our new couches that we've been waiting for and got the house put back together..We're totally lovin the new look!=) This evening I realized I will no longer be able to have a booth at the craft fair in Nov. that Ive been planning for months all of the items that I have already made up are now listed on my On one hand it kinda sucks cuz I have all this stuff all made up with no one to give it to.. and on the other hand it's one less thing to worry now I think I will just get cozy on my new couch next to the firplace and watch a good chick flick..that is..after I feed the boys,get them in the bath and put them to bed..Hope you all have a great night!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween mummy dogs!

Hi guys!

So I've been sharing lots of recipes for sweet Halloween treats..and it's pretty easy to find sweet things to make but sometimes it's not so easy to find things that aren't full of how about some mummies for dinner? Very quick and simple..basically it's pigs in a'll want to get some biscuits..I like pillsbury..tear them into strips and wrap them around your hot dogs like a mummy..and cook according to directions on biscuits you can add some peppercorns for eyes if you like..and viola!=)

another halloween treat recipe!

hey everyone! I have one more Halloween treat for ya! This has to be the one recipe I'm looking forward to the most..not only making and tasting them..but seeing the kids' reaction to eating eyeballs! haha..I had these in 2nd grade and was so grossed out by them!=) Ah the fun of bein a here it is..

Lychee Eyeballs

1 can lychees (find them in the asian food aisle)

to fill them you can use blueberries,cranberries or maraschino cherries..whichever you prefer..

all you do is pop the fruit inside the lychee then put them on a platter=) you can use little

hors d' oeuvre swords or tooth picks to pick them up=) you can also stab a straw through them for a spooky addition to your drinks!=)

Halloween treat recipes!

so the first recipe is for some "bones" I'm going to make little coffin treat boxes to put them in..I got the template for them on I know there are some companies that sell them already cut out and ready to assemble such as martha stewart..and if you have the cricut happy hauntings cartridge there is one there too..the bone recipe is pretty'll need small pretzel sticks,mini marshmallows and white chocolate (i'm using white almond bark instead) simply stick the marshmallows on the ends of the pretzel sticks, melt the chocolate or bark and dip them in! you'll want a sheet of wax paper to set them aside and let them cool..then in the coffins they go!=) super cute!

The second recipe is for test tube can find the recipe here I unfortunately wasn't able to find any test tubes in time without paying outrageous shipping costs..martha stewart also has some but they are kinda hard to find so close to i'll be using small cups for mine.

I hope you guys will check out some upcoming vids for more ideas and hope you enjoy these!=)


HI guys! I have been super busy doing Christmas projects for the upcoming craft fair..(my first)!=) But Halloween is this weekend and I'm so excited! The hubbs,kids and I carved pumpkins this morning ..I never did that as a kid so I think I had more fun than the kids lol...I'm also going to be throwing a little Halloween party for some friends and family..also another first for me but I hope it will become a tradition=) I will be postin some youtube vids (scrappyhour09) on some of the treats I'm making and I wanted to share some recipes with you here on my blog hope this gives you some ideas for fun treats to give as gifts or for your own halloween party!=) Here's a few pics of our pumpkins first=)