Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Frankenstien Love!

Good Eevening!
  Im back today with card # 4 of my Halloween card series..and ya know what that means?? I am gonna beat last years' score woo hoo! Technically it means that Im tied with last year,but Ive got a few more ideas up my sleeve and a few more images that I'm dying (hehe) to in my mind,Ive got it beat. =)
  On a side note..Ive been playing around with my camera so I can take better photos of my cards, so hopefully today's card is better,and they will continue to get better as I go! Enjoy! Watch the video tutorial HERE


  1. Super cute Halloween card. Loved the video tutorial.

  2. He turned out so cute. Recently started my own blog
    I follow your YouTube also as reallycrazy4paper