Tuesday, July 26, 2011

hooray for business!

Hi all,
Today I got a call from the owner of the store where I have recently begun selling my items and she is already ordering more stuff!=) she let me know she's only got a few cards left and that there were a few people "fighting over one of them" haha. So I went through and picked out around 20 cards I had already made up, (because I can't color any new images at the moment until I get my cardstock from papertrey ink.) I also found a few mini albums and signs I had made awhile back for a craft fair that never happened. I also ordered some business cards today from vistaprint.com..I got 250 cards for "free" and just had to pay s&h.. I just love seeing "rogue noodle" on something hehe!
Also some other exciting news for all you stampers out there..Paper Smooches Stamps is releasing their August stamps a few days early..tomorrow (27th) at midnight..and their sneak peeks look awesome! so go check 'em out!
I am off to spend some time with my hubby and the kids for the next few days..talk at ya later..have a great rest of the week!


  1. Hi, I'm Janet & new to your blog :)
    Congrats on your cards being sold! yay!! I've recently became a stay @ hm mom too. How did you talk to the store to get them to agree to have your cards sold? I would <3 to do that too.
    Well heres to new friendship & lots more crafting :)

  2. Hi Janet,
    Thanks so much, the store that I sold my cards at is basically there just for us crafters to sell our stuff so it worked out quite nicely..You could try talking to any consignment shop and see if they'd work with ya=)