Saturday, July 16, 2011

july 16

My hubby is finally off for a few days , yesterday we had to go do some shopping, so we decided to just have a nice relaxing day today. I started a thank you card but couldn't finish it cuz I just had to spend time with him=) It may seem silly but when he's home the boys and I are always around him.. like little shadows.we just love him so much and miss him when he works..even though he does come home everyday we only get to spend a few hours with him so it's nice when he's off. I enjoyed baking some cookies for all of us after dinner and then watching Phillip teach Shaden how to throw a tennis ball on top of the roof lol. Tonight I plan on having hubby help me dye my hair..I love my half blonde half black hair and I've had it for so long I'm kinda nervous to change it..but the bleaching is just too much up keep and rather expensive so I've decided to go with a reddish blackish burgandy color. fingers crossed=) And after that I think we will watch Arthur..I am pretty excited to see it, as anything with Russell Brand in it is probably hilarious. so that's all for now..hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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